Young entrepreneur DJ Mills takes up photography

DJ Mills, founder of Shutter Media Group.

Teenage photographer David John (DJ) Mills, 17, is in his final year at Te Awamutu College.

He combined his passion for photography with his free time and decided he might as well go into running a business – starting Shutter Media Group.

DJ was broadcasting live on Twitch, an online streaming platform, where he earned enough money to buy a small compact camera, a Canon M200.

He had never used it to take pictures until he went to one of the competitions at Kihikihi Highway to take pictures for a friend who was racing mini actions.

“I enjoyed it a lot, then I bought a better camera, and then it all went from there,” says DJ

He’s been able to work all over the Waikato area, but his favorite job so far was at Kart Sport Hamiltons at the CIK Trophy of New Zealand event February 4-6.

Kiwi FIA Formula 2 drivers Liam Lawson and Marcus Armstrong were present. As DJ is a huge Formula 1 fan, he thought it was “amazing to meet them both”.

“I was exhausted at the end – getting up early in the morning and then coming home and editing photos until 2am every night.”

He thinks it was worth it because after being contacted by Liam Lawson asking for some of his photos.

DJ says, “One day I might be doing an engagement or wedding shoot, the next day I might be at a motorsports event, the next day I might be doing a real estate shoot.”

He doesn’t specialize in any particular type of photography and he likes to keep his options open to get into any specific field or type of photography.

Until the end of February, Shutter Media Group is offering a $99 portrait special where customers can get a 30-minute family portrait. Customers receive all high resolution digital files from the shoot and receive an A4 canvas print of a photo of their choice.

One of DJ’s goals for Shutter Media Group this year is to gain traction and exposure. He tries to make his name known as much as possible.

In the long run, he aims to hire photographers to do work he couldn’t do – because he can only be in one place at a time.

He would also love to have the opportunity to photograph Formula 1 or any other top motorsport one day.

Stewart C. Hartline