vivo announces the launch of the X70 series in the Middle East, advancing professional mobile photography with ZEISS

vivo today officially launched its X70 series of flagship professional photography smartphones in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. The X70 series – comprised of the X70 and X70 Pro – marks the next chapter in the global in vivo imaging partnership with ZEISS and their shared quest to create the ultimate mobile photography experience. In addition to encompassing ZEISS’s new portrait photography modes and the latest mobile imaging technology, the vivo X70 series range is equipped with next-level specifications to deliver optimal user experience.

As a long-time industry pioneer, vivo brings joy to users around the world by raising the standards of mobile photography and smartphone innovation with the X70 series. From today, the vivo X70 series will be gradually rolled out in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, expanding its regional presence in the Middle East. The availability and specifications of each X70 Series device may differ depending on local market conditions and consumer preferences.

Advancing mobile imaging with ZEISS

Reflecting vivo’s commitment to spearheading the field of smartphone photography, the X70 series is deeply rooted with premium mobile imaging software and hardware capabilities co-designed with ZEISS, a legend in the world. optics for 175 years.

“Once again, vivo pushes the boundaries by delivering exceptional advancements in mobile photography, jointly developed with ZEISS, a global leader in optics and optoelectronics,” said Spark Ni, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of vivo. “Smartphones are reliable tools for users to capture memories, a digital gateway to tell their own stories and share those creations with the world. With the X70 series, vivo actively bridges the gap between mobile and professional photography by infusing user-centric innovation with cutting-edge technology.

The vivo X70 series integrates top-notch computer imaging features inside and out, enabling an intuitive photographic experience that allows users to capture or record photographs or videos of an aspect remarkably natural. As for the camera specs, the entire X70 range has 32MP front cameras, while arrays of four rear cameras have been installed on the X70 Pro (50MP + 12MP + 12MP + 8MP), while the X70 uses a three camera system (40MP + 12MP + 12MP).

In addition to the legendary swirling bokeh of the Biotar Portrait Style, vivo has complemented three groundbreaking ZEISS Style Portrait features – inspired by the iconic classic Distagon, Planar and Sonnar lenses – for X70 series users to shoot with. The “Distagon” style exudes an anamorphic appearance, providing dynamic perspective effects for critical architecture and interior photography that exude the aesthetic of Hollywood cinema. The “Planar” adaptation introduces classic bokeh effects, revealing true characteristics and conveying authentic expressions through portrait photography. “Sonnar” mode is known for its creamy bokeh, which makes it well suited to portraits with depth and clarity for documenting authentic events.

The entire vivo X70 line has achieved certified compliance with the ZEISS T * coating, collectively reducing glare and improving light transmission to reduce ghosting, stray light and other image artifacts for brilliant shine. guaranteed image. The recognizable ZEISS logo and ZEISS T * coating label are stamped on the rear camera array of the X70 series, while a ZEISS Vario-Tessar trademark has been subtly engraved on its protruding flashlight panel.

A flagship of high-end professional photography

The X70 series includes new technologies as well as the latest iterations of vivo’s iconic multimodal photography and videography features, allowing users to fully demonstrate their creativity in high definition and produce lively multimedia content without compromising on quality.

The X70 series uses an ultra-sensing gimbal camera coupled with Gimbal Stabilization 3.0 technology for users to capture stable images or videos in dynamic motion. Ultra stable 5-axis VIS video technology has been provided on the X70 Pro and X70, integrating enhanced OIS with EIS to pass the X / Y axis with Z axis rotation for well-balanced stability.

Due to the device’s high-performance imaging capabilities, vivo’s suite of multimodal photography and videography features – including real-time extreme night vision, super night video, pure night vision, cinema mode pro and more – are available on the X70 series for users to unleash their potential and explore a host of new visual aesthetics.

World-class performance gains

As vivo’s premium flagship revolutionizing mobile imaging, the X70 series range consists of two powerful devices with specifications that can satisfy even the most demanding high-performance smartphone users.

The X70 Pro and X70 devices run on the MediaTek Dimensity 1200-vivo chip to deliver unmatched CPU and GPU performance. These integrated, low power consumption processors allow users to get the most out of 5G connectivity every day[1], using LPDDR4X and UFS 3.1 for lightning-fast sequential read and write speeds.

Despite their sleek and compact form factor, the X70 Pro and X70 models contain 4450 mAh (TYP) or 4400 mAh (TYP) batteries respectively, as well as a vivo standard charger (FlashCharge 11V / 4A) that supports the technology. FlashCharge 44W for a long time. long-lasting performance.[2]

The X70 Pro and X70 devices feature 6.56-inch displays that can achieve refresh rates of 120Hz and response rates of 240Hz for smooth scrolling and viewing.

Long-lasting design and transparent interface

To live up to the expectations of an ultimate professional photography flagship smartphone, vivo has gone all out on the X70 series and spared no effort to ensure timeless style with formidable construction. Fluorite AG – a revolutionary industrial design process developed by vivo – was used to wrap the X70 series devices in crystallized glass with a prismatic surface that emits fluorescent effects under light.

The X70 Pro and X70 rear cameras are integrated into vivo’s new Cloud Valley design, a concept that boldly divides the array of cameras and flashlight into two opposing panels.

The X70 Pro and X70 models are available in Cosmic Black or Aurora Dawn colors. Cosmic Black is inspired by the eternal vigor and exuberant vitality of our universe, a color symbolic of vast and deep darkness dotted with shimmering silvery hues to represent the stars on a dark night. Aurora Dawn is a tribute to the iridescent glow of the Northern Lights in the polar sky, an eye-catching and gorgeous complexion.

The X70 series is the first vivo range to come with Funtouch OS 12, delivering a more efficient, immersive and personalized user experience. Funtouch OS 12 comes with a new set of widgets that allow users to organize and personalize their homescreens, redefining the way apps display important information without users opening the app, allowing them to customize their home screens. phone experience and quickly access what matters to them. A hassle-free music experience is also created with the new Nano Music Player, allowing users to access their favorite music from different apps like Spotify, with one click and in a widget on the home screen.

vivo TWS 2 bringing a new realm of sound quality

For users who are looking for a truly immersive surround sound experience, the X70 series is presented with the latest vivo TWS 2 headphones, the perfect companion to fully enjoy the X70 series. Using intelligent algorithms, the vivo TWS 2 features Automatic Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology which can detect ambient noise to automatically adjust the noise cancellation level. The headphones also feature Transparency Mode which allows users to listen to their surroundings and stay alert without removing their headphones.

The TWS 2 headphones are equipped with DeepX 2.0 stereo sound effects, a professional sound effect system specially optimized for in-ear headphones where three different sound effects have been meticulously tuned to perfection. It’s like a team of world-class musicians come together to perform any musical genre, just for you. The headphones also offer 7.3 hours of audio playback (without noise cancellation) from a single charge and 29 hours if they include the charging case.

Stewart C. Hartline