Local photography exhibit showcases talent; raises funds for Suicide Awareness, Arts Community

Photography:(name) the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.

A split-second capture of a moment in time; joyful, dark, terrifying, memorable. We see them in everything we do. Magazines, billboards, social media, internet browsing. The mother taking pictures of her newborn baby, the students of a local college photography class, an amateur learning the ropes, and the professional you see at events, news incidents, and more. .

In Southern Maryland, we have a strong creative community. From the local music scene to Leonardtown artwork and murals, art studios in Calvertfor artists and photographers. You can the many types that we have presented in our SoMD Arts & Entertainment section.

Last March, two great friends and some of southern Maryland’s best photographers came up with the idea of ​​showcasing all that talent at the SoMD Photography Gallery held at the Pax River Naval Air Museum. I sat down with Bert Hindman and Jack Nutter to discuss this inaugural event.

“It was a matter of community. It’s about bringing people together, bringing people together who aren’t exposed to their work, giving them the opportunity to do that. We didn’t want it to be about competition. It’s a question of collaboration, getting people to work together. Jack and I have a pretty good following here. And there are other people who don’t and we want them to. It wasn’t about us, it was about bringing in these young high school kids, these people who do amazing work with landscapes and portraits and everything, giving them the opportunity to be exposed to people and work together and find ways to be together. And that’s been it so far,” Hindman said.

Nutter said: “We thought like maybe a weekend and maybe we could get four or five people together. And they (Pax River Naval Air Museum) wanted to put us in it for a long time. And we said, well, suddenly we have 25 to 30 guest photographers and all of them wanted to be part of it. Then the music community stepped in and did us a huge favor that we could never return to them and it just brings all the different artistic people together. And it’s like we won before today. Many people are already meeting and collaborating. And that’s what we want.

During the event, there was an auction of works with proceeds going to the St. Mary’s Arts Council, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Naval Air Museum.

Bert and Jack created a play centered on suicide prevention. “It was by far the most emotional piece I have ever been in to create again, to be able to make the best of both of us. It was emotionally draining. My daughter watched it immediately cried, a gentleman of suicide prevention, looked at him and stopped his car. And you can hear the emotion in his voice. The head of the Maryland Suicide Prevention Chapter had just spoken to us. We showed him this morning. When you see this piece, it’s more of a wow.

Credit: David Higgins / Southern Maryland Chronicle

The youngest photographer at the show was Michael Barron, son of Bobby Barron, another great photographer in the area. I asked him how he felt about being included on a show with not just his dad but all the other talent in southern Maryland. He said: “I feel very important here. And I’m glad it’s an amazing opportunity.

Michael Baron Credit: David Higgins / Southern Maryland Chronicle

Being young, he is surrounded by other people who may not have someone close to them like Michael’s father who can teach them the ins and outs of this art. Michael’s advice to the younger generation of photographers is therefore: “Don’t give up on what you love. So if you like it, keep going. You will get better and better.

Ashley Spaulding, event coordinator for the museum, told us how the show fits into the museum’s mission: “Well, I think a big part of the museum, part of our statement is to inspire and educate. And art is part of it. Not to mention that art usually drives a lot of innovation here. So, you know, bringing a highlight to that, I think, is really important for the community. And that brings us all together. And especially in the last year, we have had a lot of losses in the community. So it’s nice to see and I’m happy to help in any way I can.

On this Saturday of the event, some of the local music scene gave their time. artists like Steven Nelson of ShallowDeep, Robbie Booth, Wes Ryce, Michael Trujillo and Chris Aleshire.

For Nelson to be there”, it’s a huge honor, I love Bert and Jack, Jeff, all the photographers who are involved in this project today. And it was the least we could do to show off in-game to hopefully bring out a few more heads to look at their art.

Recently, the local music scene lost one of their own to suicide. “I think everyone played a song for Derek today in their sets and we’re all thinking of him as we also play for Rob from Three Days of Rain. Celina, the lady who went to the bingo that I organized, you know, she was awesome. We also play for them, you know, hoping to bring in some money for suicide prevention,” Nelson said.

Jenn Dorsey Credit: David Higgins / Southern Maryland Chronicle

Local photographer Jenn Dorsey, who was also showing some of her work there, said: “I feel like my family grows every time I go out, meet new musicians, new photographers, new artists. And every time I go out, I just find new inspiration.

When she spoke about what it was like to be asked to be on the show, “My first thought was that I’m a fangirl because I’m a huge fan of their work at the same time. And then I I said, yes, it’s an incredible opportunity and I hope to work with them one day to collaborate on shoots.

At the end of the day, the collaboration between Jack and Bert was to be auctioned off but was donated to suicide prevention.

“For the families who have been affected and for others who have been affected, it is time for health and healing. And if we help one person this week, then that’s been awesome,” Hindman said.

The duo have been asked to do another show and will start working on it in the near future.

Stewart C. Hartline