Google’s new phone will up your photography (and fashion) game

Is it a phone? Is it a fashion accessory? The answer: it’s a mix of the two, offered by Google. The brand has introduced the latest iteration of its Pixel model, introducing innovative new features and a cleaner, sleeker design than ever before. To present the new phone with the pizzazz it deserves, Google hosted an event in our hometown of Berlin. Guests were able to experience the phone’s new features, snap photos in immersive settings with its impressive camera, and enjoy a musical performance by none other than TikTok’s favorite British rapper of the moment, Central Cee.

Although stellar performances from Cench himself and producers DJ Indianna and DJ Tülin Tekkal rocked the crowd of over 300 of Germany’s most beloved influencers (including Fenna Lang, Uyen Ninh and Levin Hotho), the phone was undeniably the star of the night. It comes in two flavors, the standard Pixel 7 and the bigger and more powerful Pixel 7 Pro, both of which come in six different colors. The camera is where the Pixel really packs a punch. Both phones come with wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses, and the Pro throws a telephoto lens into the mix for good measure, to get you that perfect long-distance shot. The camera has handy tools like Magic Eraser, which lets you remove unwanted objects from photos, and Real Tone, which lets the camera capture the true beauty of different skin tones in different shooting scenarios. ‘lighting.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we teamed up with six of Berlin’s most stylish designers to show off the Pixel in all its glory as they geared up for the Phone Experience event — because it’s also a great fashion accessory.


Nail artist Fenna shows off her form with the Obsidian Pixel 7 Pro. Just imagine the click-clack of those gag-worthy fingernails against the screen – ASMR perfection.


Yaya shows off the phone’s light hazel colorway and some pretty sick jewelry to go with her earth-toned cut.


You can rarely go wrong with a classic white t-shirt, jeans and a jumper – and Daniela’s Pixel is the perfect finishing touch.


In true Berlin spirit, Yuki opted for a head-to-toe black haute couture moment — she likely went straight to Berghain’s VIP area after the Google party.


Emilya gives hooded goals – paired with lots of jewelry and a trusty pair of Dr. Martens.


Ditch the skincare routine please? Sadiq’s Google Pleasure Night started with a moisturizing face mask.

Google’s new Pixel models are available for purchase on line now.

Stewart C. Hartline