A Tribute to ‘Socks’ – Featured Myall U3A Photography Group Monthly May Photo – News Of The Area

“Socks” the dingo, who died on May 2.

EVERY month a photograph is selected at the Myall U3A Photography Group monthly meeting to be published in News Of The Area.

The photo chosen for the month of May was submitted by band member Dawn Nealon as a tribute to ‘Socks’, the magnificent dingo from Hawks Nest who lost his life on Monday May 2 on Mungo Brush Road.

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“This is the last picture I took of her on April 13,” Dawn said.

“She started off as a tiny, emaciated pup and gradually turned into a beautiful, healthy and playful little dingo.
“Most of the local residents knew her.

“She was a regular visitor to the golf course and surrounding area, and was often seen sunbathing by the roadside while watching the comings and goings.

“As a solitary creature, she used to walk past my house several times a day, trotting around with her dancing tail.
“I observed her hunting skills and watched her amusing antics.

“She compelled visitors to take their vacation photos, bringing joy and pleasure to those who took the time to observe her.

“My last appearance of her was walking past my house on Sunday afternoon towards the setting sun.

“She will continue to watch the activities of her mural in the park.

“RIP my darling, I will miss you.

“We will all miss you.”

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Stewart C. Hartline