with a camera in the cypress swamps of the United States

After a 15 hour journey, the plane finally landed in New Orleans. My expectation is great! After a few hours, I settle into a kayak and boldly make my first attempts at locomotion. I paddle on a ground which is still foreign to me, but absolutely fascinating.

Landscape photography knows a variety of central concepts. Our articles help you find them and catch them with the right technology.

Austrian photographer Jorge Bob sparked my interest in cypress swamps. He has been traveling the South American region for many years and knows the area well. George is flying to Louisiana with a friend and me. He will spend the next two weeks with us and take us through the swamp with his photos.

The most famous marshes in the United States are the Everglades in Florida. But there are also spectacular landscapes like this. Texas and Louisiana have the largest bald cypress forests in the world. Cypress trees over 1,000 years old grow in the swamps, bays and ponds of the Mississippi Delta.

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Stewart C. Hartline