Top 5 people lottery winners 2016 in Vietnam

The traditional lottery company in the south have raised their maximum award lottery 4dtoto 2 billion ($ 88.260) since January 1, from the previous 1.5 billion ($ 66,195), in a bid capacity to compete with the company Vietnam Lottery (Vietlott). Traditional lottery Vietnam’s supposedly lost their luster since 6/45 Mega Vietlott has been offering computer lottery jackpot prize to be much higher.

Under the rules, a player chooses six numbers 01-45 to create a combination of numbers to participate. Players will then test the combination of six numbers selected on the ticket in the lottery with the draw to determine if the numbers match. The jackpot prize rolled over until there is a winner. The odds of winning are very low, is about one in 8.14 million.

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The total amount awarded to all appearance draws more than $ 10 million in just one month

October 16, one lucky person from the Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh has won the prize of VND92 billion ($ 4.1 million) from the company. This is the first jackpot winner after 39 draws since its launch in July, according to the operator of the lottery, the first winner Vietlott and serve as great publicity for Vietlott, wherein said ticket sales soared in the next week, including a 230 percent jump in Ho Chi Minh city.

November 2, a player from the southern province of Dong Nai won the prize of VND65 billion ($ 2.86 million) with his toto 4d lucky number. The player claimed his prize at the Ho Chi Minh City last Tuesday and received more than VND58 billion after payment of taxes on Wednesday. Lottery winner’s second Vietnam took home $ 3 million jackpot: The company Vietlott state lottery announced that it held a ceremony on Wednesday to take a VND64.8 billion ( $ 2.9 million) check to the winner of the Dong Nai province. Details on the identity of the winner is still limited to just a short name, province of residence and a picture of him wearing a mask.

Vietlott, the operator of a US-style lottery, announced Sunday that someone had VND54.89 trillion won ($ 2.4 million). Thursday’s victory here since mid-October. Value of previous jackpots ranging from $ 2.5 million to more than $ 4 million.

Vietlott sales increased by 4.6 times in less than two months, to VND734 billion ($ 32.1 million) on November 20, from 159 billion as at December 30, Nguyen Thanh Dam, Deputy Director state company director told a news conference on Wednesday.

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By comparison

During 2016, two similar Lotto 6/45 Mega offered in the US, Mega Millions and Powerball, only nine and eight jackpot winners, respectively. In 2015, eight Mega Millions jackpot claimed from and 14 from Powerball. Large jackpots and frequency that they won seems to have promoted the popularity of electronic lottery among keputusan 4d Vietnamese customers. Vietlott reported 2016 revenues of 1.6 trillion ($ 70.6 million). This is the highest annual turnover since the company’s inception in 2011. In a recent interview with the newspaper, company officials said traditional lottery fame Mega 6/45 has affected negatively on their sales.

Last January, Vietlott signed an exclusive 18-year contract with Malaysian conglomerate Berjaya to launch games by computer lottery in Vietnam. The odds of winning the jackpot popular game Mega Vietlott 6/45 of only 1 of the 8 million lower than the odds of being struck by lightning.

Jackpot will continue to grow with time and with more players, until there is a winner. The odds of winning are very low, is about one in 8.14 million.

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