Storiel Bangor organizes a new photography exhibition

The public will have the chance to explore the Welsh landscape through the eyes of three photographers

Written by Ceri Elisabeth Parry

The work of three photographers Hanna Baguley, Carwyn Rhys Jones and Richard Jones will be featured in a new exhibition at Storiel, Bangor from June 11 to August 20.

The three will share a series of images exploring landscape, light and stories, each with an individual purpose and a deep attachment to the sense of place, beauty and enchantment of their homeland.

According to Hanna Baguley; “For me, creating art is the process of capturing an image that represents a moment in time. From an early age, I was enchanted by the wonders of my Wales.

“From the most incredible dark skies and landscapes to myths, legends and stories that span countless generations. I draw great inspiration from them and hope my work will evoke a memory, feeling or thought in those who view my images. . .”

Carwyn Rhys Jones who chose to convey Dinorwic Quarry in his presentation said; “I always thought the quarry was a beautiful historical area. There is a sense of industrialism and tranquility as you walk through the quarry. I really feel like I’m documenting history as I photograph the area.

“Careers mean a lot to me because the region touches us all and is also a big part of our heritage in Wales. You really need to step back and realize what previous generations have achieved for Wales.

“In these photographs I have tried to convey history and a beauty in its roughness and roughness that exists in a quarry landscape. There is always a beautiful light here that inspires me. I hope these photographs will inspire others to understand and appreciate the beauty of this area which is now part of the Slate Landscape of North West Wales World Heritage Site.

Richard Jones, a photographer who focused on his personal response to an expressed landscape; “My photographs reflect a sense of place I feel living in this wonderful region – in the foothills of Eryri (Snowdonia) and close to the wonders of Eifionydd, Anglesey and Llyn.

“It’s a sense of belonging to a landscape, ancient stories, country and people, and a feeling that ‘this is where I belong’, and the passing of the seasons and the daily changes of light are an inspiration constant.

“This little corner of Wales is incredibly important to me; I hope these images convey the essence of my relationship with this most beautiful place.”

Storiel, in Bangor, Gwynedd, is open Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm. For more information on Storiel’s exhibitions and collections, visit Storiel website.

Stewart C. Hartline