How to get the best photos from iPhone 13, iPhone 12 cameras

iPhone Holi Photography Tips: Your iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 cameras can help you take great photos this Holi. Keep these tips and tricks in mind.

iPhone Holi Photography Tips: Holi brings a great reason to get your cameras out and etch some of the most colorful moments forever. However, if you have an iPhone on your person, your DSLR camera may be put to rest. The newer models, which include the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12, have some of the most advanced post-processing algorithms to get the most out of these cameras, often matching or even beating some DSLR cameras. with cropping sensor. All you have to do is be skilled as a photographer to extract the best from our iPhone cameras.

On popular iPhone models, which include iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and even the new iPhone SE 2022, there are a few tricks you can dump to get some striking photos this Holi. As we eagerly await the start of the festival and our iPhone 13 Pro Max to do its magic, we had a chat with ace street photographer and APF magazine editor Rohit Vohra, who picked up his iPhone 13 Pro Max on the streets of Barsana.

Don’t miss these tips if you’re thinking of letting your iPhone 13 cameras be the only way to capture Holi 2022 in frames.

iPhone Holi Photography Tips: Know These Basics

1. Your primary wide-angle camera is great for fast-moving subjects

With sensor lag stabilization on the iPhone 13 main camera, you’ll be able to get the sharpest and clearest photos, especially when someone is playing with colors. Fast shutter speeds during the day should help achieve sharp detail and natural color. Even on the iPhone 12, you will easily be able to achieve similar results.

2. The ultra-wide camera offers new perspectives for close-ups

If you’re trying to get closer to the action and still have a wide perspective, switch to the ultra-wide camera and let it do the trick. Whether it’s people doing “bhaang” or a group of kids tossing colors at each other, try the ultra-wide camera for a great perspective. You won’t lose detail or color consistency.

3. Portrait mode for those Holi portraits

On the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12, you should use Portrait mode for greater depth of field and better subject emphasis. You can get stunning Instagram-worthy portraits that won’t compromise on color or sharpness. The best part is that you can take the photo in any of the Portrait mode settings and edit it later from the Photos app.

4. Keep Live Mode On

It’s possible to often miss the exact shot you want and therefore it’s best to keep Live mode on. You still have a few before or after frames to play around with, and as a result, maybe get the shot you originally wanted.

5. Cinematic Mode on iPhone 13 for Great Instagram and Snapchat Stories

Oh yeah, your iPhone 13’s Cinematic Mode can help you get a great cinematic perspective on the action. You will be able to change the focus on different characters even after shooting the video, and the fantastic blur effects could help you stand out with your content.

6. ProRes Photos Give You More Editing Control

On iPhone 13 Pro, ProRes photos give you more freedom to play with color, contrast, exposure, and various other settings.

7. Use the zoom camera on your iPhones Pro

On iPhone 13 Pro, the extra 3X optical zoom camera is a big help in getting new perspectives on people and food. Keep the phone steady and you can get great photos out of it.

8. Use Macro mode on Jalebis, Gulaal

With macro mode, you can tango creatively while getting those close-up shots of the jalebis and “gulaal”.

Stewart C. Hartline