High Resolution Photos from the Nike US Open of Surfing 2011

2011 Huntington BeachThis year over a large portion of a million people are normal in Huntington Beach for the 2011 Nike US Open of Surfing. There are many beginner and expert picture takers covering this occasion. I’ve included an exhibition of High Resolution photographs from the Nike US Open of Surfing 2011 at the base of this article.

For as far back as week I’ve been going practically consistently getting a charge out of the climate and covering this enormous occasion. You’ve likely seen that I haven’t redesigned this site in a while, it’s fundamentally on the grounds that I’ve been get ready and investing energy at the US Open.

As a picture taker, an occasion like this basically can’t pass by without shooting it in any event for one day. The occasion keeps running for nine days, so there’s numerous chances to involvement as well as practice your games photography abilities. It’s additionally an awesome place to meet numerous other intriguing picture takers.

I don’t have a 300mm 2.8 focal point, yet I did extremely well with my 80-200 2.8mm AF-D Nikon. Truth be told, I’ve seen numerous picture takers with standard buyer focal points taking some incredible shots of the surfers and onlookers.

This occasion is more than only a surfing challenge, the coordinators actually construct a brief city on the sand with live shows, stores, bmx and skating settings. With 80+ degree temperatures on the shoreline, you can envision the quantity of individuals and picture takers going to the 2011 US Open of Surfing.

I shot the occasion for a few different destinations, including the OC Surfing Pictures site. Here is a high determination exhibition from the previous a few days. The occasion is not over yet so I’ll presumably share more pictures later on. All pictures were shot with a Nikon D7000 with a Nikon 80-200 2.8 AF D focal point and a Canon G12.

A portion of the photographs incorporate Kelly Slater, Haley Watson, Alexa Frantz, Nat Yeomans and the sky is the limit from there.